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Software Engineer

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  • I'll be sharing insights on technical topics, details about my projects, and a glimpse into my professional journey.
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  1. Software Engineer @
    Tesla Energy


    • • Transformed the internal Software-in-the-loop testing framework by migrating it to Rust from Python, boosting overall test suite efficiency by 40%.
    • • Developed new features and test plans for thermal controller firmware in C and Rust, supporting Tesla’s industrial energy storage solutions, including Megapack and Powerpack.
    • • Enhanced test automation capabilities by implementing nightly tests and establishing new Hardware-in-the-Loop test suites.
  2. Technical Product Manager @


    • • Led the development of an iOS app using LLMs help non-native English speakers communicate more fluently.
    • • Defined the product vision and strategy, developed roadmaps, and contributed to feature development using Swift.
  3. Teaching Assistant @
    Cal Poly Computer Science Department


    • • Assisted Dr. Tim Marsland with 30+ students on key operating systems concepts including process management, memory management, virtual memory, scheduling, synchronization, and file systems, using C and Python.
    • • Developed automated testing scripts to efficiently grade assignments deliver effective feedback.
  4. Software Engineer @


    • • Modernized a critical legacy transcription tool for annotating Californian legislative hearings
  5. Software Engineering Intern @
    Amazon Web Services


    • • Engineered an IoT edge device application for AWS LFV, facilitating custom model integration using Flask, Python, GStreamer, and React, significantly improving customer workflows.

    • • Developed an robust internal strategy for managing data entries in an internal dataset service using Java, AWS Lambda Functions, AWS Cloudformation.

    • • Impacted multiple customer workflows and 3+ internal AWS teams using the dataset service.

  6. Student Research Assistant @
    PathML Project


    • • Worked under Dr. Alex Dekhtyar on a National Cancer Institute funded project to build out a interactive desktop video tool to automatically annotate human activity based on a machine learning model.
  7. Software Research Assistant @


    • • Built a full-stack application from scratch, featuring a sophisticated NLP-based tagging and searching system with integrated transcripts on the main website
    DjangoPythonReactStyled ComponentsMySQLNLTK
  8. Software Engineering Intern @
    Project Jupyter


    • • Spearheaded a RTC (Real Time Communication) enabled commenting extension for JupyterLab v3 (Similar to Google Docs commenting).
    • • Presented the extension at SciPy 2021, significantly boosting its visibility and achieving over 3,000 downloads via pip.

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